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♥♥ VERY EMOTIONAL ♥♥ As Myriam Tells Her Revert Story To Islam ♥ ♥

"There are two ways to live in live a pleasant life, either in someone's heart or in someone's prayer." Imam Ali (AS).............pleas follow

An Important Life Lesson That Needs To Be Learned

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, Islam, God is Imaginary, Westboro Baptist Church. We need to stop letting the minority of a group determine our outlook on the majority.

When you ask yourself 'why am I in this situation?' be patient and wait till u finally see the beauty in every end that Allah choose for u

..the show must are not GOD (i am saying this to all of GOD'S creation) i am not GOD enough ameen.

Islam does not oppress women. It actually gave women more rights, including the right to choose your own husband. Many people confuse culture with religion.