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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 11 x 17 print

21 People Who Have Some Explaining To Do

Padfoot I told you to stay in the car! Now look at us we're going to muggle jail and how are they going to explain when suddenly the dog and deer turn into people?

Community Post: Which Marauder Is Your Soulmate?

“Y/N, it’s that time again,” Remus informed you with a worried look. “Okay, let’s get you far away from everyone and then we’ll do this together,” you comforted him. “Thanks for helping me, but I...

Agreed!!! People wanted them to be young and "hot"??? This is why Hollywood ruins so many of our shows and movies... Cast real people who best fit the characters....

Yes. People insult other people without thinking what the other people have gone through. They don't know that you're a werewolf, and they would only shun you if they did. Not many care what you've gone through.