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Lachrymose: Meaning: causing or given to shedding tears. Translation: lacrimosa. Example: when the girl saw his dog died she starts to feel lachrymose.

Southern India::“The children are the future, so, let's tell them about tomorrow's hope rather than yesterday's despair.” ― Onyi Anyado [pinned by]

una delle rare fotografie a colori di L.J. adoro le sue foto in BW, ma di certo quelle a colori non deludono per niente!

Nepal- no makeup- just a very exceptional face- a unique face- a interesting face. Very beautiful in her own right.

Should Crying Babies and Restless Preschoolers Be in Adult Worship? ~ RELEVANT CHILDREN'S MINISTRY

Depression is a Highly Intelligent State of Being. |An interesting perspective on #depression. #Buddhism

Living proof that we can make the end of life as enjoyable as the beginning and middle. It is all seems to come from the attitude we have toward life and how happy we choose to be.