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I always worry about posting too much stuff. I'm just riding on the prayer that we really think alike about stuff as much as I think we do.

I should have joined the AIR FORCE as planned before I decided to marry you first so you could send me on guilt trips instead of stand beside me and support me... YOU LIAR More

There is only ONE you really need to please and that is not a man, it is GOD Almighty and when GOD says open your mouth, then you better say it exactly as GOD said it wrote it and so can prove it in three ways to be absolutely purely GOD Alone. 1st you hear GOD who speaks it, then 2nd you have the Word to prove it and 3rd you have the science to back you up so as not to be made a fool of! As GOD said HE will shut up all the critics that is not some of them all of them! The false run with you