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Germany-1674 Band sampler, linen embroidered with polychrome silks with an alphabet, flowers and other motifs including the Lamb of God, Instruments of the Passion, coat of arms, peacock and a large flower vase. Embroidered with polychrome silks in cross, back, and satin stitch. Edges are finished with buttonhole stitch Fitzwilliam Museum Collections Explorer - Object T.93-1938 (Id:110824)

17th Century, English by Anne Lawle at The Fitzwilliam Museum Linen pictorial band sampler embroidered with polychrome silks in cross, Montenegrin cross, double running, satin, split, trellis and detached buttonhole stitch. Linen thread is worked in the hem and double running, counted satin and eye stitch with needle weaving, and drawn and cutwork with needle lace filling stitches make up the top band of the sampler.

English Sampler, 1687, Hannah Culleup, 83 x 42.5 cm (32 11/16 x 16 3/4 in.) Linen plain weave embroidered with silk and linen. Band sampler of linen plain weave embroidered with polychrome silk floral bands in Montenegrin cross, satin, double running, and basket stitches; geometric bands in linen satin stitch, drawn work, and reticella bands; embroidered "Hannah Culleup" at bottom, with religious verses throughout. (There are some nice close up pics on the MFA site)

English Band Sampler ~ mid-17th century ~ sampler with bands of flowers, boxer figures, stags and numerous small animals. Worked in floss silks, missing bottom selvedge.

Joyce Leedes 1675. There is a lot to see on this old sampler, many different techniques and motifs. It's in remarkably good shape, despite it being almost 350 years old!

English Band Sampler ~ unknown embroiderer ~ circa 1601-circa 1701 ~ Fitzwilliam Museum Collections ~ Linen mixed band sampler embroidered with polychrome silks in running, double running, cross, Montenegrin cross and with some speckling stitch. Linen thread is worked in double hem, counted satin, and square filling stitch with buttonhole bars, pulled work, cut and drawn work with hollie point and needle lace filing stitches. Silver metal thread.