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Dress The Kyoto Costume Institute This dress is decorated with iridescent beetle wings, which were a popular exotic decoration for dresses and jewelry in those days.

An early 1850s evening dress from the US. The large horizontal stripes on the skirt and the use of plaid are very characteristic of the 1850s.

American Duchess:Historical Costuming: V337: Bustle Decoration Inspiration | Historical Costuming and sewing of Rococo 18th century clothing, 16th century through 20th century, by designer Lauren Reeser

Beautiful big 1870's bustle dress calls for an elliptical cage crinoline with a mini bustle cage resting over the elliptical cage. This is super mega drama.

Rear view of Robe a la Polonaise, 1780, cream linen, gold embroidery, metal. (c) metropolitan museum of art