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Splendours of Egypt's 'Atlantis' be displayed by British Museum

Strapped in: A diver secures a 5.4m statue of Hapy, a divine personification of the Nile floods, to be lifted out of the waters. The colossal red granite carving will one of the exhibition's centrepieces. The six-tonne statue, which dates to the 4th Century BC is the largest known example of a Hapy statue

Being blind in one eye didn't stop Queen Amanirenas of Kush from successfully leading her army against Roman Egypt in 24BC. Though eventually defeated, it cost the mighty Roman Empire 5 years and an uncharacteristically favorable treaty for the peoples of her kingdom. (Image by:

Queen Kahina Died in 705 AD. Fought against the ARAB incursion in N. Africa Her royal majesty(HRM) the Queen

Egypt , Thebes ( UNESCO World Heritage List , 1979 ) Luxor Valley of the Kings . Tomb of Tausert