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*Sighs* Just don't do Anything Dum Robin. Him: a-huh Yeah Ok. Later on...: RAVEN!!!! I USED IT!!!! Me: WHAT???!!! Him: IT WENT WRONG!!! *Goes to Room and sees it is gone* ME: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!??! Him: You let me make it!!! Me: *Sighs then picks him up* Looks like your sleeping in my room Tonight...Him: No. It is.....Dark........I will sleep in the living room. Me: Ok.

Poor Raven, she tried to conceal, not feel. But she cared too much about her friends.

First full trailer to Justice League VS Teen Titans revealed and oh boy Damian is really his fathers son. These movies have done great developing Damian also in Batman Bad Blood we saw that Nightwing is dating at least at the time of that movie Starfire.