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A teacher by profession Yihui makes is unbelievable and accounts for the stark emotions within them. The mood of the photograph goes hand in hand with the environment, excellent stature and poses.

Mango lookbook septiembre 2012: para gustos las formas, los estilos y los colores

RED ON RED Red on red is the colour block to be seen in. Whether you're bold enough to sport a suit ensemble or prefer a more understated red knit and red leather clutch combo as long as the two reds are close (i.e touching) you got it! Más

Bram Stoker Transfusion Ring - Bram Stoker quote "The blood is the life" in bronze setting, Dracula, Classic horror

Your Very Own Laser It s true, laser resurfacing really does work! But, in the doctor s office it can be very expensive and irritating to your skin. Not to mention the down time afterwards! With just a few minutes a night you can do this at home!"