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Quincy's proud shipbuilding history comes to life at the USS Salem, a Cold War-era heavy cruiser that serves as home to the United States Na...

The majestic USS "Oriskany" - a giant abandoned aircraft carrier - has become a real treasure for diving adventurers and tour operators. Brought 22 miles off shore and sunk there in 2006, its gutted remains may have served as a powerful inspiration.It certainly looks like something that could loom out of the time vortex, in the mist somewhere....

USS Texas (BB-35), the second ship of the United States Navy named in honor of the U.S. state of Texas.Soon after her commissioning, sorties into the North Sea during World War I. When the United States formally entered World War II in 1941, Texas escorted war convoys across the Atlantic, and later shelled Axis-held beaches for the North African campaign and the Normandy Landings. Texas was decommissioned in 1948, having earned a total of five battle stars for service.

The 50 Most Powerful Pictures In American History

An American sailor passionately kisses a nurse as thousands jam into Times Square to celebrate the long-awaited victory over Japan in World War II.

USS Langley (CV-1), America's first aircraft carrier. Found at

The first nuclear-powered surface vessel, USS Long Beach, was launched at Quincy in 1961

Antique Pretty African American Women Photo Old Black History Americana

Antique Pretty African American Women Photo Old Black History Americana.

USS Indianapolis (CA-35) was a Portland-class cruiser of the United States Navy. She holds a place in history due to the circumstances of her sinking, which led to the greatest single loss of life at sea in the history of the U.S. Navy. On 30 July 1945, shortly after delivering critical parts for the first atomic bomb to be used in combat to the United States air base at Tinian, the ship was torpedoed by the Imperial Japanese Navy