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Slow Cooker Chocolate and Mint Aero Bubble Cake

Slow Cooker Mint Aero Bubble Cake from - this recipe has gone viral several times, find out why today!

Elderberry is extremely high in vitamin C, flavonoids & virus-fighting proteins that work together to give your immune system an extra shield against the cold & flu. Taking 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp. of the extract 2X a day can do wonders for your immunity. Its antioxidant activity lowers cholesterol, improve vision, boosts immunity, improves heart health & heals bacterial & viral infections & tonsillitis. Its anthocyanins protect the inner layer of blood vessels from oxidative stress.

Backlash after comedian tweets Ten Rape Prevention Tips for attackers

Sarah Silverman's 10 Tips to Prevent Rape for attackers unleashes a barrage of 'man-splaining' on Twitter. Goddamn this woman hits the heart of the matter - of course Daily Mail ends this with a list of Silverman's relationship history *massive eyeroll*

Extreme cleaning schedule goes viral with excessive chores

The cleaning calendar shows seven chores a day and then specific chores which are weekly, monthly and yearly

The Etsy Journals

Will going viral on Etsy cause you to spontaneously combust into an epic ball of rich and famous? See what really happens. Click to read.

Get a FREE Tarot, Witchcraft and Pagan Rewards

Want to learn how to read Tarot cards? Get a free workbook by a pro Tarot reader!

Why you shouldn’t judge a disability by its visibility

Don't judge a disability by its visibility: a blog inspired by Lauren Rowe's viral Facebook post