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I remember this - it had an odd smell, and if you kept it too long it dried up and the pictures came unglued - and if you kept it even longer the rubber top dried up!

Vintage Milk Bottle Love

School Milk in mini bottles in the 60s. The main reason I hated milk as a kid!! It was always warm but they made us drink it anyway.. yuck!

Every child decorates a stone and then adds a weatherproofing varnish. What an amazingly welcoming display!

A Practical Guide to Teaching Children Basic Math Concepts Using LEGO Bricks

Scholastic has created a guide to teaching children basic math concepts with LEGO bricks. The guide includes descriptions and example photographs demonstrating how the bricks can be used to show co…

I get a lot of questions about how I take my lecture notes, and so I thought a quick post might be helpful! I’ve said many a time that I don’t do anything too complex with my notes, nor do a re-write them - but this system really works well for...