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It’s #Hollywood’s biggest night, when the stars are thankful to accept #awards and the orchestra is thankful to play them off. Toast your #viewingparty with one of these #EasyDrinks but hurry, before the music gets you. #redcarpet Just mix Smirnoff Raspberry with Iced Tea, or Lemonade, or Cranberry Juice.

Long Island Iced Tea

This classic cocktail, Long Island Iced Tea, is a potent drink that is perfect for slowly sipping on a hot summer day. Make Long Island Iced Tea and enjoy.

Maui Island Breeze Cocktail

A Maui Island Breeze Cocktail - the perfect blend of vodka, pineapple, and cranberry! This easy drink can be made for one or as a party punch!

Raspberry Blush - The best alcoholic fruit cocktail drink recipes ever

Raspberry Blush - The best alcoholic fruit cocktail drink recipes ever - As well as being one of the prettiest cocktails we’ve ever seen, these are the tastiest because combination of fresh raspberries, Belvoir raspberry and rose cordial and gin...


The Tex on the Beach is the easy and delicious punch twist on the classic Sex on the Beach cocktail, perfect for hot summer days or your weekend BBQ. Recipe: 1.5 cups Smirnoff Ruby Red Grapefruit, 2 cups Orange Juice, 1 cup Cranberry Juice, Orange Slices, Serves 6-8.

Raspberry Bourbon Smash

Raspberry Bourbon Smash - delicious cocktail for spring or summer! Raspberry, fresh orange juice, and bourbon!

25 Moscow Mule Recipes

These 25 Moscow Mule variations will have you planning a party just to play bartender!