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Welcome to Our Best Bites Fit Club At the beginning of 2015 we asked if you’d be interested in a community effort to spread resources and support for health, nutrition, and fitness. You’ll find links to everything right here! Getting Started Instagram Weekly Workouts Healthy Recipes Cookbook Olive Oil Getting Started Read our getting-started post... Read Post

4 minute tabata workout It's max effort time! This cheeky little workout is great to finish of a training session with - just make sure you're muscles are warmed up and you're ready to go. "4 minutes?! What use it that?" we hear you cry - but that's where this workout is a bit different. This is not 4 minutes of you trying to work hard - this is 4 minutes of lung-bursting, leg-burning, ab-wrecking work where you are going for 3 rounds of MAX EFFORT - 20 seconds and then 10 seconds rest…

It’s natural to feel tired after you’ve put every ounce of effort and energy into your run… right?

Community Post: 20 Cool T-Shirts Every Twentysomething Can Definitely Relate To

I'll have to talk like that snail-woman the whole day I'm wearing the shirt. It'll be a challenge, but why not?

Abdel Rahman Alzorgan is a young inventor most famous for inventing an integrated sprinkler system for irrigation and frost protection along with his brother. Often called a genius for his extraordinary achievements, Abdel has spent a lot of his time, money, and effort in helping improve his community, spreading his knowledge to his fellow youths in Talifa, a place where the young people are not afforded the opportunity of taking up training workshops or courses.

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