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How to create a composting toilet system with a flush toilet, a worm-composting bin and a filter bed. Nothing is wasted and the garden is given nutrient dense organic matter.

Very informative post on septic system workings/concept. (No Gravel. Last 120 Years. The Septic Tank Soakaway )

Great British Inventions - Modern Sewerage Systems (1865). The creator of the London sewers, Joseph Bazalgette, may be remembered as more of an engineer than an inventor, but developing the largest sewage system the world had ever seen in London changed life in the city completely. The previous system – an open sewer – tipped waste into the Thames but this new invention pumped it eastwards out to sea.

Sanitation: After a disaster, water & sewage lines may be disrupted. Earthquakes, floods & mudslides can break sewage & water lines. In power outages water & sewer lines may fail as they are dependant on electricity to run their pumps. Sanitation can become a serious problem very quickly! “People affected by disasters are more likely to become ill & to die from diseases related to inadequate sanitation & water supplies than from any other single cause” (WHO)- Go to site for tips on how to…

What Should I Know About Sewage Backup? - EMERGENCY WATER AND SMOKE REMOVAL BLOG - Atlanta Fire, Water & Storm Damage Restoration | Champion Construction Systems

Construct a Small Septic System

How to construct a small septic system Not thinking I would EVER need to use this, but interesting information.