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Ocean Jasper Display Slab

Ocean Jasper Display Slab by FossilsGemsMinerals on Etsy

An enlarged view of the iris agate specimen with backlighting. This view is at a slightly different angle than the other backlighted view also pinned. It demonstrates that the spectral colors change with the angle of incident light and observation.

Spectacular Boulder Opal Looks Like a Gem Inside a Tree

"wishing stones" found in Maine. Use your finger to trace all the way around the white line as you make a wish.

Dendritic Plume Agate Very Rare Marfa Texas Garden Bouquet Agate Polished Nodule, Mineral Moss, aka lodolite, lodalite agate

Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro, Arkansas (Pike County) is the only diamond mine in the world where visitors can dig for diamonds & keep what they find. An average of 2 diamonds a day are found, along with 40 other gemstones & minerals including amethyst, jasper, peridot, garnet, & quartz. The Strawn diamond (bottom) found in 1990 weighed 3.09 carats, 1.09 carats when cut - it's rated a perfect 0/0/0 & considered a one-in-a-billion stone. Valued at $34k, it's on display at the…