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This is Red's personal blog! I reblog mainly illustrations, tutorials, fanarts, robots, motorcycles, random shenanigans that make me laugh and sexy stuff. I also talk about things. I tag literally everything. Please check "about me" for more info!

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♥ Leahlandia has the illusion of being a happy and cheery place, but everything is so mixed up that even the residents can't tell up from left and right from down ♥ ★ Heteroflexible female, taken, 25 | Bubblegum goth kitten with little-esque tendencies

Welcome+My name is Brittany, I'm a twenty-six year old single mom who lives in a small town in the midwest. I love cooking, baking, writing, and going on adventures with my daughter. I enjoy learning new things and experiencing new cultures. My...

Asian.Bisexual.Female.Sexual Explorer.MusicLover.ArtLover.Traveler. random things i like. random things that inspire. random things that i have done ;) "People living deeply have no fear of death." -...