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How you doin'?

How you doin'?

I can't really offer you much, but I can offer you that empty spot on the carpet right next to me. I can offer you late nights of you and me sitting together. I can share with you my mind, my words,...

"It was just like real friends, just like real life - just a little bit funnier." Courteney Cox: “This is the best job we could ever have.” Matthew Perry: “You want to surround yourself with really...

these are awesome old pictures for the american actress Jennifer Aniston in the famous and popular old TV Series “Friends” .. Enjoy this gallery Images Source: Buzzfeed, Pinterest

I'm Vicki from Latvia. This blog is all about FRIENDS! If you want me to make some gifs with your favorite moment from the series, or with your favorite character, - message me!:) do not use my gifs...