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The Spanish Gangster Disciples is American gang originating in Chicago, Illinois. Their founder is Rudy Rios, and their colors are black and blue. They are part of the Folk Nation,

A gang member of the Mara 18 gang, known as “EL Criminal,” or the criminal, poses for the press after being detained by police in Guatemala City.

Remarkable Photos Of Gangsters Through Time

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Typically, a prison gang consists of a select group of inmates who have an organized hierarchy and are governed by an established code of conduct. They generally have fewer members than street gangs and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs), and are structured along racial or ethnic

Nationally, prison gangs pose a threat because they are an important link between drug-trafficking organizations (DTO), street gangs and OMGs, often brokering the transfer of drugs from DTOs to gangs in many regions.