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14 in King George V class battleship HMS Howe, 1946. She entered service in August 1942 (the last of the class, delayed due to resource constraints), seeing action escorting Arctic convoys, during the Sicily campaign and in the Far East.

14 in battleship HMS Duke of York, victor over Scharnhorst at the Battle of North Cape in December 1943, pictured earlier that year off Iceland.

[Photo] Crew of USS Nashville inspecting the damage caused by a special attack aircraft, Dec 1944

Crew of cruiser USS Nashville inspecting the damage caused by a special attack aircraft (kamikaze) on 13 December 1944 off Mindoro in the Philippines. (US National Archives)

In the absence of the 15 in 'Bayerns' (still under construction) the 12 in 'Konigs' were the most modern German battleships at Jutland in 1916. This is SMS Markgraf exercising her guns earlier that year - her wreck remains one of three still the bottom of Scapa Flow after the mass scuttling of the High Seas Fleet in June 1919.

USNavy Submarines nest alongside tender for replenishing in Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, November 11,1944. Vessels (left/right) USS Salmon, USS ...

12 in German battleship SMS Kaiser in 1915: lead ship of her class, she fought at Jutland the following year, suffering one hit and negligible damage. Scuttled with the bulk of the High a Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow in June 1919, her wreck was raised and broken up over 1929 - 30.