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1930s - Puerto Rico (Julia de Burgos ) The economic growth tied to American investment in sugar and tobacco failed to bring about social change, as unemployment sat around 65 percent. Pedro Albizu Campos, elected president of the Nationalist Party, and Luis Munoz Marin, founder the Democratic Popular Party, are both central figures in Puerto Rican history, each hoping to bring about change in their own ways. Marin’s Democratic Popular Party initial starts as a pro-independence movement.

1980s - Puerto Rico (Iris Chacon) On April 30,1980 the Father of Modern Puerto Rico, founder of the Popular Democratic Party, and first elected governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Muñoz Marín, died and was mourned by all. As a voice of reason faded, the Boricua Popular Army (Macheteros) destroyed 8 fighter jets at an air base named after the recently fallen, former governor.

1920s - By 1920, Britain established Kenya as a colony and began work on a railway that could pass around Lake Victoria and export goods throughout the region. The era saw a huge influx of immigrants from other British colonies such as India, many of whom were involved in the construction of the railway. The era of British rule resulted in devastating losses of land for the native Kenyan populations as well as forced labor on British colonial projects.

1960s - Puerto Rico (Lucha Villa in Luna De Miel En Puerto Rico) The 60s saw Puerto Rico take center stage with the film, West Side Story. 1961- Rita Moreno wins oscar for best supporting actress in West Side Story, the first Latina actress to do so. Former president of the Nationalist Party, Pedro Albizu Campos, died having dedicated his life to the independence movement. Immediately following a plebiscite that would confirm the commonwealth status, the leader of the pro-statehood party.

1930s - New York (Diosa Costello in Too Many Girls) There is a huge surge in uneducated Puerto Ricans arriving in New York.

100 Years of Beauty in USA (Men and Women)

100 Years of Beauty in USA (Men and Women)

........I'm not an expert on the Sixties, but everything up to at least there is obviously modernly done and is not a real example. Just an aproximation.

1920s - New York (Victoria Hernandez) East/ Spanish Harlem has a large enclave of Spanish speakers and the first Latin record store in 1927. The Porto Rican Brotherhood of America was founded the year before, addressing collective national interests, especially civil rights advocacy. Puerto Rico and the Diaspora working on the same things at the same time, in different ways.

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