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Qin Feng - Series Desire Scenery No. 0014 Ink, tea, and coffee on paper 200 x 124 cm. (78 ¾ x 48 7/8 in.) Executed in 2012


Exploring an unparalleled period in American art, this long-awaited exhibition reveals the full breadth of a movement that will forever be associated with the boundless creative energy of New York.

Qin Feng_Untitled (Civilization Landscape)_ink on paper_51x37.25in ...

Qin Feng | Desire Decorado no. 8787 (2012).Tinta y acrílico sobre papel de algodón de seda.Adición

Qin Feng

Revolution is a word that strikes a chord with Qin Feng - it is a resounding part of his family’s history. Qin Feng is inspired by the rebellious ink artist Bada Shanren and, like his source of inspiration, faced his own hurdles of backlash and cultural rigidity. In the midst of his rising career, his ability to reside in his home country was compromised and he chose to move to the United States where he continued, with renewed fervour, to pursue his artistic expression.