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There are most definitely FAIRIES in our magnolia tree in our garden. Can you see 3 of them? My children want you to share this with your children as proof of their existence. Untouched image by lizzie patterson photography

Become this character for the next 12 minutes, and WRITE A THOUGHTSHOT that would let readers know what caused you to react the way you did when the photo was taken. **Common Core State Standards W3, L6 (character reflection, tone) Lesson link (Photo source link provided below)

Black and White Photography- Child Portrait at the beach by lizzie patterson photography

Sweet girl with her dolly. Child Portrait in colour with studio lighting by Lizzie Patterson Photography at

A rare moment....When your children are quietly being friends with each other by lizzie patterson photography

"Tommy's Stitch" from the series 'Tommy loves Fashion'. This shoot inspired me to empower other children to style their own image, and because I don't dictate to them how they should be, it amazes me that frequently, they choose not to smile.

Undercover Mission: To photograph these gorgeous brothers as a surprise for my client's wife for her birthday. Lucky lady! Child Portraits By

Studio child portrait by lizzie paterson photography at

Gorgeous relationship between children and pets.