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Take 3 toilet paper rolls and glue them togather. Then take fabric and cover then glue that down. Then cut out a tounge and glue that down. Then decorate!

Cut both ends of a toilet paper roll for an inexpensive and fun toy. Source:

Stack toilet paper rolls. Make it fun by placing treats inside. Source:

Cut a circle out of fabric ( make sure there are 2 ) then sew and sew the strings in as you go along. Then stuff

Feather catcher!! Take a hanger and cut off straight part. Then get 4 12in pieces of string and tie them to 1ft piece of string tight. Then get feathers and hot glue to bottom of each 12in piece. Then hot glue 1ft string to hanger by twisting it around the tip. Enjoyy

How-To: DIY Cat Toys

DIY Cat Toys - Make your babies homemade Christmas presents! <3

Bottle cap rope toys. Take bottle cap and cut a whole thru middle. Then take 3 pieces of string and stick thru the whole, tie that in 3 knots. Then braid and repeat on other side.