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Phalaenopis - Moth orchid - These types of flowers have the power to add elegance to the home and brighten up a dull atmosphere.

Little Hedgehog Face Orchid ! ♥ ♥

Kaleidoscope orchid

Ruby Leopard Slipper Orchid. I hope this is real and not photoshopped. Looks like the Bet lynch of orchids! Gloriously chavvy but exotic as well.

Moth-Orchid: Phalaenopsis Hilo Lip 'Catnip' - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The 'Ghost' in the Moth-Orchid [Phalaenopsis] flower. Those two yellow round structures are the pollinia [singular: pollinium] - a coherent mass of pollen grains in the flower. They are the product of only one anther, but are transferred, during pollination, as a single unit. Pollinia are regularly seen in plants such as orchids and many species of milkweeds (Asclepiadoideae).

'Orchid-Mimicry': Flower of Ophrys ariadnae [Bee-Orchid] ..... Mimicking a Circus Clown with a Pot-belly


Lady Slipper Orchid