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Written in Australia. The first of several.

You may have noticed a lot of touching throughout these sonnets. Touch is essential; without touch would there be passion?

I drove across Colorado often at night. Sometimes to an emergency or returning from one. I would drive to position my self for whatever I would be doing the next day if on a return trip. I often used the roads from Grand Junction through Delta to Paonia or Redstone. This was an area reminding me of traveling on dark waters. So I wrote my impressions into this Sonnet.

Written for a very lovely lady I talked with over coffee a few times.

Spring is viewed and felt more dramatically when seasons alter to radically different forms in sight, and smell as well as the feel of temperature.

Have you ever wondered about those you encounter in restaurants? Speculate about them, wonder if this could truly be the one? In our visions we see the possibility of relationship if only there were a way to go beyond the limits of the eyes briefly meeting?

Thoughtful musing about the divide not easily crossed between old and young when one born decades later reminds the aged of other love.

One of my truly favourites. Just like how the language flows with the subject. It is even better read out loud (except with my voice which comes across like a badger on nitrogen) spoken has an even better effect.

Just changed this to a full pentameter rather than the modified 10-8 verse pattern. Thought that form would give more animal energy. Don't think it did.