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Kim Henry - A candle on a chocolate cake :::)) #lightpainting with Created with the help of Zach Smidt and Juli Thornton. Technique explained in my learning group: Video:

Light-painting with Kim Henry - Behind the scenes: The black and white dreams collection Is this a thing? Colors have gone away but we can still see through the night. Lit by hand in one second. with light-painting explained in

Kim Henry - Lit by hand, as usual :) Technique explained on

The desert life - With Kim Henry of course :) explained in

Crossing that door - One second #lightpainting with With the help of Herry Hariyanto. Howto:

Kim Henry - howto: lit by hand in one second, as usual :D

Burn - Testing some new post processing techniques. This is blend of two exposures, one for the sky and one for the foreground/mountains. Edited with Lightroom and Photoshop.

La Fausto Coppi 2016 - La Fausto Coppi 2016 Uno scatto fatto nel luogo dove la Valle Grana si incontra con la Valle Maira e Valle Stura. Una conca scavata da antichi ghiacciai lungo la quale si snoda l’antica mulattiera del colle Fauniera e che emerge da un mare di nubi in direzione ovest verso la Rocca la Meja. This shot is taken where the Grana Valley is near to the Maira Valley and Sutra Valley. That’s a glacial valley where you can drive on an awesome road to the “Colle Fauniera”…

Stargate - <a href="" alt="Daniel Fleischhacker"> POST PROCESSING </a><a href="" alt="Daniel Fleischhacker">BILDBEARBEITUNG</a> <a href="" alt="Daniel Fleischhacker">WEBSITE</a> <a href="" alt="Daniel Fleischhacker">FACEBOOK</a> Many techniques used on this image are demonstrated in my recently released set of…