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Good list of baby tips on this site...granted the video games one is reflective of some serious problems with our generation.

Knowing your baby's hunger and fullness cues is an essential part of their feeding routine! Not all babies do the exact same thing, but these guidelines are a good rule of thumb. Follow this top tip while feeding your baby: Infants often just fall asleep when their tummies are full.

Baby’s Cues - It’s a lot less difficult to get baby to latch on when he’s starting to feel hungry, rather than when he’s screaming because he’s starving. Try to catch baby’s early hunger cues, and you’ll make things a lot easier for both of you.

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9 Ways to Deal When Your Baby Gets Picky About Purees

The best advice when considering starting solid foods for your baby is to “Watch the Baby – Not the Calendar” This is true for both breastfed and formula fed infants. Follow your baby’s hunger cues and you’ll never go wrong.

Identifying Babys Early Feeding Cues, and a Few Tips to Help you Succeed

crying is actually considered a late hunger cue. To avoid getting to this point (for both your baby and for you), the best thing you can do is to learn your baby’s early feeding cues, and the best way to do this is to limit separation between you both