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#9! Vegeta the prince himself! Has to many powerful moments to name just one! He is awesome his attitude is great his arrogance is great balance to the Z fighters and his competitiveness!

#2 Vegeta | The Prince of Saiyans, a dying race dwindled down to a handful. For years I have admired Vegeta's tenacity and determination. His arrogance driving his will to do battle, underneath his cold exterior lies a warrior trying to make piece for his slights upon the world. Through many different points of perspective, Vegeta is seen as a troubled soul. Perhaps it was misguidance or a troubled upbringing? Whatever the case that is made for Vegeta, he still begins to rank as one of if…

#4 Beerus | He is a funny godly cat man. What's not to love?! "PUDDING!!!". Oh sorry, I don't know what that was. He is funny and very awesome! "Before creation comes destruction." and is pudding freak out #Wolfthekid

#5 Goten | Seeing a Chibi Goku running around is awesome. His voice fits his personality well. The way he acts is awesome too. I wish we got to see more of him! #Wolfthekid

#14! Pikkon like Son Goku said he is just filler but I admired him beyond belief! Loved his hyper Tornado, and his Thunder..... Flash..... Attack! Pretty awesome character!

#25 Shisami! Surprisingly enough I like his arrogance towards tagoma how he only respects his elders it's a new face as well as a new attitude for the addition of the cast! As well as a ruthless fighter trying to snap Gohans back! Plus i love his design!

#2 Vegeta | This is very close to Goku as my number 1, but Vegeta has his own good bad hero vibe going. He is good when he has to be and bad when he wants. But recently he's been acting good! And his whole "I'm the Prince of all 6 saiyans!" Is great. #Wolfthekid

#23 Videl | When it comes to Dragon Ball/Z/GT or even Dragon Ball Super for that matter. Girl characters don't have the brightest shine in the limelight. Although, that doesn't mean that they don't shine at all. Videl had grit and willpower about her that I felt stretched as its own emotion against pre-existing Dragon Ball characters. Videl was a fighter at heart, built within her soul and fueling her veins. It's honestly why I like her character. Although, after the Buu crisis and Videl…

#1 Son Goku | I know, what a surprise. But I really like Goku's Character. His happy and confident attitude. His mastery of Martial Arts. Pretty much everything about him. He is amazing. #Wolfthekid

#11 Kid Gohan | Although more of a lover than a fighter, Gohan has a secret art to battle that even his father does not possess. While his power is only shown in short burst of anger, Gohan is an immovable object if given the right motives. Always willing to lay his life on the line for others, Gohan holds the perfect qualities of his father in every way. Shaping him into the man he would later become. #SonGokuKakarot