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amen to that. bring on the dark side. i can deal with that. i can't deal with what i can't see, what you won't show. it's in you. i know it. it's in me. it'll hurt us if we DON'T let it out, love it, allow it out ...

"Some of us would put on gowns we'd found in shipwrecks, awfully bulky and restricting, but our skin was so pale that we could play at being a dead lady quite easily, if we wore the gown to hide our fins. And then float just near enough to the surface that someone who crossed the bridge would see us, and dive in, and," she giggled, "the rest was history."-KE Fitzgerald

The 8 London It Girls Inspiring Us Right Now

Seeing Charli XCX perform live is a must! She is currently on tour in the US and then on to Europe.


Troilo. He paints with his fingers. With his artworks, he tries to express the uncomfortable condition of a human being trapped in the void, where the rules of society are invalid. He tells us: ‘my mother taught me two things, the pure pleasure of drawing and the fact that, if I fall, although there are those who feel sorry for me, the pain affects only me and no one else’.

The fact that I love this about you scares me, yet you still draw me in. I have a bad feeling about the two of us but I feel helpless to stop it. The way you look at me makes me blush. I should run away from you, but I run to you every time.