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The elegant vanity area in her bedroom. We loved AD’s flashback into Vreeland’s 1970’s apartment and can’t wait to see the documentary!

Above is Diana’s bedroom. Does the fabric look familiar? It is the same as in the living room, but blue! On the bed is one of Vreeland’s silk-printed scarves. According to the article, that is where Vreeland laid out her outfits for the evening.

Diana loved Peonies and we love her collection of pictures and objects on the table above. The two sketches on the wall are by Christian Bérard and one is of Vreeland herself.

Above is her living room. The leather screen at the left belonged to her parents, who acquired it while honeymooning in Europe. The intricate fabric on the walls and upholstery is from England. As for the needlepoint playing-cards on the couch, they were stitched by Diana herself! For a better look at her handiwork, see the image below.

We love this bold stripe used in this corner, as well as her collection of shells in a wooden clamshell to the left.

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