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Pilgrim and Native American Newspaper

These two newspapers are a great resource for teaching both sides of the Pilgrims arriving in the New World. Students will be exposed to both newspapers are differing points of views. $1.00

FREE Woodlands Native Americans Worksheet Modified for Lower Level Learners

FREE Southwest Native Americans Worksheet Modified for Lower Level Learners

Here's a very nice end of unit assessment resource on Native Americans.

Here's a very simple page (appropriate for ELL students) to use when studying Native Americans of the West Coast.

Do you need an engaging, hands-on culminating activity for your NATIVE AMERICAN UNIT?! Well, look no further! Have your students use their knowle...

STEM Trifold: Flotation Device

STEM Challenge: Can you build a flotation device for an action figure? from More Than a Worksheet. Guide your students through the entire STEM engineering process with a simple trifold. Teach about buoyancy and density while learning the design process. Reading passage and rubric included, too! $ #STEM #STEMchallenge #STEMengineering

Native American Enrichment Projects for Upper Elementary Students

NO-PREP! Teacher friendly Native American enrichment projects that will challenge your student to think out of the box while creating fun and brilliant projects. From creating a map, writing a compare and contrast paper or even becoming a real estate agent for the Native Americans, your students will love these no-prep; but fun projects to display their knowledge of the history of Native Americans and the Native American culture. $

Teach your kids how our country works with these FREE resources on government and the election process!

4th-5th Grade History Learning Activity: Checks and Balances

Use this interactive tool to test students' knowledge of what powers each branch of the federal government is responsible for.