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Resting the camera on the dashboard of the car to keep it relatively stable would be a good approach. Then it's just the car's movement and the cars outside that will create the blur and not camera shake. This will have to be experimental as far as shutter speeds and exposure are concerned. Obviously night time would work best if I am going to record light streaks. The camera pointing at back seat and kids with blur outside?

A stamp mask - I like the idea of his face being disguised by stamps, each stamp could possibly represent a different place.

Haunting Mental Illness Photography

Haunting Mental Illness Photography - Lisa Lindvay Captures Daily Life of Mental Disorder Patients (GALLERY)

Average women face from different countries

Toxic threads: Greenpeace puts fashion pollution on parade - in pictures

Rubbish is burnt in the street, Hangzhou Bay. According to a recent report on China’s oceans, Hangzhou Bay is one of the most polluted coastal areas in China, though there is no specific information on hazardous chemicals

Palettes More than just a trendy movement on Tumblr, palettes are a great way for a photographer or graphic designer to tell a color story about their work and personal style. Most of my palettes are muted, faded colors. If you asked me a year ago to describe my style, it certainly wouldn’t be in those terms. I’d have called my work bright and vibrant and clear. Making these palettes was a great way for me to see my work in its bare bone form. This is who I am. This is what I love and now…