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Them and us: endangered animals - in pictures

The black and white lemur, Coquerel’s sifaka, sits monk-like, resting its chin casually on crossed hands.

Sifaka - A genus of lemur [Propithecus] in Primate order; found only on island of Madagascar and all species are threatened.

Propithecus Primate Los sifacas son un género de primates strepsirrinos de la familia Indriidae. Como todos los lémures, son endémicos de Madagascar.

Colugo, Singapore. Sunda flying lemurs are actually called Malayan colugos. They are not true lemurs and do not fly. The mammals are distantly related to primates and are known for the membrane of skin, similar to that of flying squirrels, that allows them to glide through the rainforest.

Ring-tailed Lemur with her twin babies at Great Britain’s Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. Photo Credit: Longleat Safari & Adventure Park #zoos