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Documents expose new ALEC scheme to kill clean energy

Please share this to help spread awareness about ocean acidification. #Save the #ocean. #SOS. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide and decreasing of pH level of seawater is killing all these beautiful organisms.

Baleine : Une baleine grise meurt en nous apportant un message, avec l’estomac rempli de sacs poubelle en plastique et la baleine est morte.

Have you thought about where your plastic trash goes? Check out how it effects the marine life that depend on the ocean!

For the last 25 years, the International Coastal Cleanup has recorded the debris collected by volunteers on the beach. According to their meticulous records, aside from cigarette butts, eight of the top nine types of trash floating around in the ocean comes from our food purchases.

Oil spills become the top news story whenever they occur. Costing billions of dollars to clean and fines to the company responsible it is an unwanted catastrophe. Not only does the company involved pay the consequences but thousands of innocent animals and ecosystems.

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