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Concrete Countertop Projects

More magic outdoor kitchen magic from Gott's Landscaping and Supplies using Direct Colors Concrete Pigment!

Integrally Colored Concrete Countertops - Our Project of the Week Comes to Us from Jody Gott at Gott's Landscaping and Supplies in New Iberia, LA. Unique is definitely Jody's middle name and he's not let us down with this project. Here's his latest outdoor concrete countertop bar and grill. Enjoy!

Premium Blue Concrete Pigment

Blue Concrete Pigment Integrally Colors this Spectacular Outdoor Kitchen Countertop. Find Blue Concrete Pigments online at!

How-to: Acid Staining Concrete Countertops -

Acid staining concrete countertops offers a one-of-a-kind finish unique to this process. Do it Yourself with Direct Colors. 10 Acid Stain Colors Available

DCI Concrete Overlay

Make this your home look like this with Direct Colors Concrete Overlay and Acid Stain Products!

Our project of the week comes to us from our friend and local contractor, Ken Lazenby. Today's marbled kitchen countertop remodel involves DCI Smooth White Concrete Overlay, Pearl and Soft Gray Concrete Pigments and 100% Epoxy Countertop Sealer. He certainly got a beautiful finish on an existing countertop without all the cost or mess of a total replacement. That's working smart. Thanks, Ken!

Issac Bruno, local artist and business owner, has created the most spectacularly creative flooring project using our DCI Concrete Dye and Sealer products that we've ever seen. See just what can be done with Concrete Dye in this Alice in Wonderland-themed project! More on the product at