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Kids party food.... Cut pieces of Frankfurt and stick 8 pieces of raw spaghetti into one end .... Drop into boiling water ... Presto little octopus

Garlic Shrimp with Italian Roasted Vegetables

Glass Block Holiday Jello {Festive

So a few days ago, I got a text from Sara saying that she noticed I had holiday Jello something on the calendar and was wondering if I was FINALLY posting my soon-to-be-world-famous Jello/cottage cheese/shredded carrot concoction. I texted her back that I was. And then I couldn’t stand myself any longer because if there’s …

Secret Tips for the Perfect Smoothie {by StickFiggy}

Lion Cake: Adorable for a childs party for any occasion from birthday party to last day of school!! To bake you must be a VERY Talanted Baker!!!!! (i wrote this)