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"Native English Speakers Preferred" - How To Proofread and Edit for Extra Income. Written by someone who does.

Are You The Office Diva?

The Office Diva is the Dynamite performer who is Infinitely self-confident, Victorious against the odds, and an Attention-seeking maven. Girl, is this you? Identify and own your divadom at work!

52 Songs About Haters, Bullies, and Other Mean, Jealous People

Bullies. Haters. Mean girls. Jerks. Don't let jealous and negative people bring you down. Use these top songs to make a playlist about people who try to steal life's joy by making life difficult.

Use Music As A Writing Prompt

Tune in and get writing. A professional writer provides inspiration and tips for overcoming writer's block.

Got a new job? When's vacation? The people who work in your company will know the secrets to requesting and getting the vacation days most in demand. Here's what to ask.


War poetry: This is a collection of poems about war and soldier poems written in combat. Find First World War poems and videos, poetry from nine wars and Vietnam War Songs.

Write Like a Professional, Tips & Tricks, Quickly Improve Writing Voice & Skills

This dynamic lecture will introduce your teens to easy-to-use and highly effective tips to improve the power and flow of their writing. For each topic, student-written samples from a previous class are included with before and after revisions. Each topic also includes a sample of the technique being used by professional writers, such as Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, and Stephen King. And, yes, I even threw in a Pat Benatar lyric – I couldn’t help myself. Great lesson for homeschoolers.

My future students will have this hammered into their brains for the rest of their lives!!! Along with too/two/to there/their/they're. I have friends in GRAD SCHOOL that are still effing this up! Probably my biggest pet peeve EVER!!!!!! Can you tell?

Writing Journal Prompts

Included is a 152-page student writing journal. - Expository prompts - Creative prompts - Persuasive prompts - Narrative prompts - 120 mo...