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NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory catches sight of an extremely long filament of solar material in the form of a long, dark tendril across the sun's surface.

Alt-week 9.8.12: Moon farming, self powered health monitors and bringing a 50,000 year-old girl to life

Every now and then large sun storms strike the Earth, causing aurora, and in rare cases, power outages. But these events are nothing compared to the apocalyptic destruction Earth would experience if struck by a superflare. An international...

9 Incredible Photos of our Universe

Cotton Candy Nebula - complete with sparkly star clusters embedded in fluffy pink clouds of gas. We just think its REALLY pretty.

Mobile Health: Withings Smart BLOOD PRESSURE Monitor (incl. heart rate) • $130 wireless or $80 wired • incl. Withings Health Mate app (even graphs your trends) • for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch / Android • pr at CES 2014-01 • mobile + wireless (Bluetooth) + personal + fashionable! • Hypertension affects 25% of world’s population! 50% of whom are unaware of severity! Known as "Silent Killer" because of no specific symptoms • official:

This spectrum, taken by the UVES instrument mounted on ESO’s Very Large Telescope, shows the light from a quasar after it has travelled through such clouds. The vertical lines are tell-tale signs of absorption — they show where light has been absorbed by the gas in the intergalactic medium and thus removed from the original quasar spectrum. The intensity of the lines is linked to the amount of material which is crossed by the light.

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Enzymes are required as catalysts for almost every function in the human body, so it’s no wonder that systemic (or proteolytic) enzymes have been used by functional health practitioners for decades to help people with a wide range of symptoms and conditions. While they’ve regularly been used for decades in the rehab, recovery, and pain …