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Not all heroes wear capes

The family dog was let loose during a fire and it went back to save the kitten still inside. ---- Not all heroes wear capes

PUPPY! My mind says,"Oh god, that'll cost a lot…" But my heart says,"I DON'T CARE, JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY!"

Blue-Eyed Beauty - 25th May 2016

** MIDDLE KIT-TAY: " It be a nasty world if dey evers start respectin' bullies." --------------------------------- [Stainless Steel Trio

Fox? Cats? Nope, they’re Caracal kittens…

Baby Caracals - The caracal is also commonly known as the Persian Lynx or African Lynx, however, they are not a lynx at all. The caracal is thought to be most closely related to the African golden cat and the serval.