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Meet the Coffee-Making Alarm Clock That Will Make Mornings So Much Less Painful

Alarm clocks have long been our sworn enemies. After all, they exist for one purpose: tearing us from sweet, sweet sleep. But one alarm clock is looking to extend the olive branch. Meet the Barisieur, an impressively designed alarm clock/coffee maker combo that will let you wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee, right on your nightstand.

3 Expert Tools To Open Your Locked Car

When you are outside of your locked car the only thing you want, is to get back in. With 3 expert tools, you can get in and keep your car safe.

Security researchers discovered several vulnerabilities in the Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid SUV, including being able to disable the anti-theft alarm from a laptop.

Filing an insurance claim is a multifaceted situation that can be just as daunting as it is helpful, depending upon how prepared you are for the process.