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The vigorously painted Street, Berlin explores the figure of the city prostitute: chic streetwalkers who have angular, mask-like faces. The two women proudly walk down the busy, tilted street of cloaked men with more sullen expressions. Street, Berlin accentuates the hidden sensuality beneath the prostitutes' haughty fashion. The luxury and anxious energy in painting also serve as a commentary on a pre-World War I German culture, as Kirchner believed increasing political tensions further…

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Der Schmied von Hagen. 1915. This sculpture was banned by the Nazi regime and exhibited at the Degenerate art exhibition in Munich in 1937.

Egon Schiele: title unknown [nude sketch of woman; overview of subject facing viewer and crouched over floor], Line drawing + chalk + watercolour. Expressionism. "An emaciated simplicity of line, as beauteous in its exclusion..."

Frau des Künstlers, THE ARTIST'S WIFE, 1912, by August MACKE (Germany, 1887-1914). "One of leading members of the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider)." Sadly this talented young artist's life & talent were destroyed in 2nd month of WWI. He was 27 years old. ~Wikipedia