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Quesadillas de hongos con tortillas hechas a mano - YouTube

23. #Perfect Peach Iced Tea - Yes Please! #These Are the 26 Most Refreshing #Pitcher Drinks for #Summer ... → Food #Peach

Homemade Bordeaux Cookies - the closest thing to Pepperidge Farms crispy cookies

Turkey & Cranberry Quesadillas

Leftover turkey and cranberry sauce have never looked so gorgeous or tasted so delicious! Your family will be begging for more of these reinvented holiday leftovers!

Delicious & tiny Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookies. Topped with a Vanilla Bean Drizzle for the perfect little sweet treat.

Four Tips for cooking with Freeze Dried Foods

HOW TO PREPARE Freeze dried food-The first time I opened a box full of freeze dried food, I would have loved to have a “Tips for Using Freeze Dried Foods” list. I clearly remember opening that first box. The first thing I saw was the raspberries and I wondered what to do with them. I had to Continue Reading …

Best Puppy Chow

Pinner said: This is the best puppy chow recipe! Now, I know you probably just rolled your eyes, because who doesn't know how to make puppy chow?! Here's the thing. Most people don't make it right! In my recipe, the ingredients are the same, so what makes my puppy chow even better? The ratio! More chocolate, more peanut butter, more powdered sugar!

Copy Cat Olive Garden Dressing recipe

8 comidinhas de festa super fáceis de fazer

palitinhos de misto quente

TOP 10 Amazing 15 Minute Sugar-Free Jam Recipes

We all love jams and jellies spread on a slice of bread, in pies, in crepes or on top of ice creams. The problem is that conventional jam recipes contain so much sugar and preservatives – it is unbelievable. Usually you have to add 1,5 pounds sugar to 2 pounds of fruit, cook the fruits for hours until you get a sugary mixture with no vitamins in it anymore.