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50 Jaw-Dropping Examples Of Street Art From Around The World

This is another one of Banksy's pieces. Another dark photo with negative colors to give out the correct mood and feeling. The writing in red makes it stand out from the rest of the work, because its bold and bright. I would like to take this into my own work, make it stand out by using certain colors. Banksy is said to use stencils, which I could also put into my own work.

The Coolest Kid-Friendly Houses You’ve Ever Seen: Wall-Nuts

Cool for a wall in your dorm room. art from around the world as we are all one people Like street art ? #graffiti #streetart #art

The One Room Challenge- Jane's Room Reveal! (6th Street Design School)

Love the oversized, bright and bold bird print. Oh to have a room big enough to accommodate it!