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Floor tile

Floor Tile ~ Antonio dei Fedeli ~ Pesaro, Italy 1492-1494 ~Tiles from a group commissioned by the Gonzaga family, rulers of Mantua, following the marriage of Francesco Gonzaga to Isabella d'Este.Thirteen cases of large floor tiles, decorated with Gonzaga family mottoes and emblems, were delivered to the Castello San Giorgio on 1 June, 1494. Tiles were laid in Isabella's studio, where they found favour both by virtue of their bold and colourful designs and their ability to deter mice.

Detail of the painted cloth wall hangings in the Great Chamber which were a cheaper substitute for tapestry in Tudor times, Owlpen Manor.

Orphrey (cushion)

Orphrey (cushion) -unknown- ca. 1329-1354 This embroidery reveals how a medieval ecclesiastical vestment might be cut down and re-used. A portion of an orphrey band has become a cushion by sewing it to a leather backing and putting decorative fringing around it. An orphrey is a decorative band used to adorn the vestments (priestly garments) used by Christian clergy (in particular, chasubles and copes) for church services. The cushion may have been used for kneeling for prayer.

The Properties of Beasts. Bartholomeus Anglicus, ‘Livre des propriétés des choses’ (French translation of Jean Corbechon), Paris 1447. Amiens, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 399, fol. 241r

Mosaic pavement; stone; one of seven sections of a large pavement, whose hunting scenes formed the principal motif of a mosaic; horseman in front of a villa; in grey, black, white, bistre, red, pink, brown, blue and buff colours; large tree picked out in grey-green and dark blue; field has plants with red flowers. Excavated: Carthage, The mosaic comes from Bord-Djedid near the site of Carthage.


Griffin Tile | Place of origin: Dorset, England (made) Date: 1250-1300 (made) Artist/Maker: unknown (production) Materials and Techniques: Inlaid and glazed earthenware Museum number: 1289-1892 Gallery location: Medieval and Renaissance, room 10c, case 7