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Gallery of Font Del Roure Nursery / ONL Arquitectura - 4

RG House / Estudio Arquitectura Hago

Architects: Emilio Delgado Martos & Antonio Álvarez-Cienfuegos Rubio | Estudio Hago! is a spanish office based in Madrid, practicing contemporary architecture, urbanism and design. Architects are experts in restoration, culture and heritage.

Gallery of Mas del Caixó / Teo Hidalgo Nácher + Felipe García - 6

Troia Peninsula Housing / Quadrante Arquitectura

To draw a housing where comfort, modernity, functionality and maximization of the space occupation can reign, guaranteeing that it is intensely lived in the past and in the future, and also resolving the necessities of those who come to inhabit it.

Gallery of Portable House ÁPH80 / Ábaton Arquitectura - 15