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These products can be used for working on a variety of skills. Teach cause and effect and increase visual and auditory attention. Encourage reaching out and language development. Kit includes: • Butterfly #148 • Funny Fish #1125 • Music and Light Caterpillar #1207 • Silly Snail #1124 • Take Along Tunes #1417 • Button Click Switch #775 • Glitter Switch (Blue) #7830B • Gumball Switch (Yellow) #782Y • Plate Switch #810 • Small Oval Switch #711-S

Literacy Kit includes products that will help to build and strengthen skills under the core curriculum: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language.

Initiate language! We put together a basic kit of our best selling communicators for your classroom. These communicators will help your students with social interaction throughout their day.

Утяжеленное одеяло,жилет, шарф, яйцо Кислинга ( или яйцо совы), чулок совы.

Утяжеленное одеяло,жилет, шарф, яйцо Кислинга ( или яйцо совы), чулок совы.

Making music is easy! Touch Screen Band (#2127) allows you to record and play back your music. Music Box (#702) plays four lively tunes when your four different switches are activated. B Woofer Guitar (#1661) is great for musical experimentation. Activate one switch and one of twenty songs play. Activate the other and puppy songs play. Many different colored buttons to explore!

This kit includes nine of our most versatile switches. Some people may need to activate a device using their head. The Ultimate Switch is ideal for the head as well as for many other body movements. The Gooshy Switch 19" has music, lights, and vibration for those who may need sensory input. If you need a larger target, the 5" On/Off Jumbo Switch can be used. You can record messages on our Tail Light Switch, encouraging users to activate the switch.

Fubbles #2237 will delight with thousands of bubbles when you activate your switch. Ginger #9209 is guaranteed to make you laugh with her five funny sounds. Wheeee-mote Control Car #1439 is packed with fun. Watch the gears move as this colorful car beeps, flashes and spins. Capability Switches required.

We put together a fantastic Plush Toy Kit so everyone can play together with the animals. The Kit includes five different plush toys along with seven different switches. The switches included in this kit can be used to work on specific goals. Watch the animals walk, talk, and make animal sounds. What fun!

Cellist Maya Beiser converses with cognitive scientist Dr. Jamshed Bharucha about tonality and what effect music has on our psyche and well being following a performance of Michael Harrison’s Just Ancient Loops as a part of the 2014 Brainwave Series at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City on Saturday, January 11 at 6PM. #Cello #CognitiveScience