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Art Nouveau copper, gilded bronze, and beveled crystals case. Rich representation of women, flowers, and faces. Upholestered interior. Art Nouveau period. Circa 1890. Original key. #design #art #artnouveau #copper #box #bronze #crystal #case #women #flowers #faces #upholestered #Circa #1890 #BellamysWorld

Vintage Gilded Copper Semi Precious Carnelian Agate cabochon Tibetan Trinket Box

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Pyxis with Painted Designs Date: second half 12th–first half 13th century Geography: Italy, Sicily Medium: Ivory; painted, gilded copper alloy mounts

18th Century Gilded copper English Clock with hexagonal music box with three painted panels. A gazebo sits on the box with a grapevine with birds and butterflies, and a singing black paradise flycatcher on top. In the center, a girl sits on a rock holding a two-hand clock. Three silver goats surround her feet with a waterfall behind her. When the music plays, the figures in the paintings move, the waterfall revolves, and the birds and insects flap their wings. @ The Palace Museum

Ivory casket, with brass straps and hinges from the 15e century. This type of casket can be found throughout the middle ages. A very similar casket is found in the catalogue (part 2) of the exhibition "Die Zeit der Staufer" and has more information on the construction. This casket dates from the second half of the 12th century and was made in Sicily The ivory (thickness 0.5 cm) is nailed to a (linden) wooden inner box. Straps were of gilded copper which ended in small bird heads. The inside…

18th Century Gilded copper English Clock. a shepherd playing a pipe while tending to his sheep. Two lambs play beside their mother who carries on her back a red box containing a two-hand white porcelain dial, decorated with enamel panels of birds and flowers. A partridge nests in a tree with golden branches and jade leaves. When the clock strikes, music plays, and the partridge flaps its wings and starts to sing. @ The Palace Museum