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Set of 50 - Traditional Sweet Shop Candy Stripe Paper Bag Variety - All Colors - 5 x 7 - New Style

PRINTABLE Mermaid Party Bottle Wraps Neighbor Gift. "Our Christmas wish to you, less dishes to do." What an awesome gift! Stripe bags for a party Lovely DIY party hats pinwheel party favors, rainbow party favors

3-Yd SET French Bull MOSAICA Flower Power Floral, Diamond, and Chevron Stripe Cotton Quilt Fabric Precut 3-Yard Set - 1 Yd. Ea Design

The originator is using it as a Christmas tree. Try it in other shapes that are non-seasonal! And, if you don't pick a specific shape for the overall concept, you can ADD TO IT over time, as you find other "treasures." 3M has a number of products for attaching and some are forgiving, so you can remove /reposition things without leaving holes or marks. Try this in a space that allows close viewing. A stairwell, a Powder Room--the possibilities are endless!

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