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(10th June 2013) Professor Tariq Butt's workshop - Biological Responses to Climate Change

Cathryn MacCallum - Director of Sazani Associates - discussing topics at event, 2009

Global Learning Conference 2013. Cathy MacCallum, Professor Craig Kensler and Professor Tariq Butt are just a few of the professionals who attended and participated in the conference that discussed climate change adaption in small states.

As well as coming to the conference, the Zanzibari teachers also visited schools around Pembrokeshire as part of the Teacher Exchange set up by Sazani Associates

2009 - Linking Africa And Wales

Linking Zanzibar and Walsh Communities and professionals

Global Challenges for Education and Development 2013. This years theme was "Climate Change Adaptation in Small States"

2009 - internationals come together

Festival in Zanzibar on the 6th July 2013.